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From brand marketing to personal branding to campaign management, we have got you covered.

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Our vast experience across industries puts us in a solid position to deliver end-to-end social media management services for brands, content creators, and celebrities across categories.

Social Media Management

We provide end-to-end social media management services to help individuals and brands build a solid presence and reach their target audience.

Influencer Marketing

People crave a human connection, and we can help build that connection by onboarding the right set of individuals to showcase your product or service.

Campaign Management

If you've got a product or service launch and want to create some HYPE for it, we can craft a unique campaign to meet your goals and reach your target audience.


Content is the king, but the king has no powers without strategy and distribution. We'll help your king conquer its target audience with an unbeatable strategy.

About Us

Social Media is impacting our lives like never before. There’s massive untapped potential for brands to reach out to their target audience through Social Media, and The Hype Capital was born to bridge that gap. Come, HYPE your world with us!

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Reached 30+ million people

Our structured approach of having a unique social media strategy for each client has helped them reach more than 30 million people across domains.

45+ million Impressions

We mean business when we say we create massive awareness for brands. We have helped our clients’ content viewed 45+ million times. 

Generated 3x revenue via ads

Creating brand awareness is crucial, but so is generating revenue. We helped our clients generate 3X revenue using paid ads with a ROAS (return of ad spend) of 6.

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