Are you ready for some creative Reel-ing? Meta just got you updated.

Anything short, sweet, and engaging is a trend these days, as the reels on Facebook and Instagram. The rapid growth and popularity Reels have provided to the content creators on Instagram are remarkable. To encourage these content creators to create more short-form content and to keep the audience hooked away from Meta’s competitors like TikTok and YT shorts, Meta has introduced the option of remixing content to users. 

According to sources, Reels now take up 20% of the time spent on Instagram. To take it to the next level, Meta introduced two new features:

  • Users of Creator Studio can now trim their existing videos into reel clips. With this feature, you can select the best parts of your uploaded videos and create new reels or story updates.
Create reels and stories from your videos
  • Just like reel remixing, now users can remix photos as well. A remix for photos enables users to create reaction photos based on other people’s feed posts, which means that people can reuse your content. If you don’t want your content to be reused, you can switch off the option in your settings. 
Remix photos on Instagram

While these features strongly focus on the creators, brands can also leverage these features. 

Example: If you’re a brand that sells clothes and has done some collaborations in the past, you can remix that post with a commentary on how users can style outfits for that particular set of clothes. 

Gen Z is taking over the internet by the storm, and they dig short-form content, so here’s your chance to reach out to the future leaders of online spending and build a rapport with them in a language they understand the most—short-form video content! 

We feel this one is going to be a massive hit amongst the teens if Meta manages to implement it swiftly and promote it heavily. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Some of the information in this article is sourced from SocialMediaToday.

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