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How Social Media Marketing Works

Social Media platforms have evolved tremendously over the last few years. What started initially as mediums to stay connected with your friends or find friends with similar interests has become a multi-step avenue for connecting with different people and building businesses. In the traditional sense of it, social media marketing is defined as the use of social media platforms to build and develop a brand and sell its products or services.

It is just the traditional meaning of social media marketing. The rapid evolution of the platforms ensures we cannot stick with the conventional approach of just posting pictures to build a brand. Multiple things are involved in a successful social media marketing approach. Here are a few steps to understand the basic working of social media marketing-

  1. Research- This is the initial and vital stage for a solid base for further steps. The research includes the analysis of the audiences’ requirements, and market conditions, closely watching your competitors and being aware of the latest trends in content creation.
  2. Strategy- Once you’re clear on the research and understand the market, you need to develop a strategy for your business goals. These questions will help set up the basis of your strategy:
    • Who is your target audience, and where are you likely to find them?
    • What kind of content does your target audience usually consume?
    • What resources do you have to create and distribute content?
    • How frequently can you create high-quality engaging content?
    • Have you decided on the content pegs?
    • Do you have a strategy to deal with unfavourable feedback on social media?
    • Have you planned your tracking tools?
  3. Content Creation & Execution- Once you’ve planned your strategy, now is the time to do the leg work with content. Start creating engaging text, video, and image-based content depending on the research and strategy. You could use tons of great free and paid tools to make this. We recommend having at least 2 to 3 weeks of content ready before you start publishing, so you have a breathing space to create more content. Once everything is in place, start publishing your content.
  4. Monitoring- Now that you’ve published your content, you need to track the progress and feedback. This step is crucial as it helps you set up the basis for the next step. Monitor every tiny aspect of the content.

There are tons of layers attached to each step, and it’ll require an immense number of hours and effort at each stage. Besides, depending on your business goals and requirements, you could also look into other aspects of social media marketing like influencer marketing, campaign marketing, content marketing, meme marketing, social media ads and more.

Social Media Marketing is very time-consuming and might not yield the desired results if done incorrectly. The Hype Capital is here to help you if you struggle with that. Feel free to write us at, and we’ll help you grow your brand.

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