LinkedIn has Introduced a Thread of New Updates

LinkedIn has evolved from a job-seeking and hiring activities platform to a platform for professional conversations and economic trends. LinkedIn recently introduced a thread of updates released to assist its users with fluent use.

Handily Joining Trending Conversations

LinkedIn is known for communicating subjects such as leadership, career paths, design, evolving technology, skill sets, and professional interests to garner expert insights. LinkedIn observed substantial growth in the user behaviour of sharing and engaging with posts about knowledge and ideas.

Therefore to help its users to discover relevant news, conversations, newsletters, and videos and connect with relevant organisations that align with their needs, LinkedIn is testing to initiate a dedicated hub that the Linkedin editorial team will curate.

Meet the Hiring Team

LinkedIn has introduced a new ‘Meet The Team’ section on the details page in the Jobs section, allowing applicants to introduce themselves and connect with hiring managers or HR executives. It also displays the recruiter and members of the hiring team that shared the job to assist the candidate in knowing the team before applying for the job. This feature aims to help the applicants learn more about the role and increase their chances of standing out.

Career Milestones

LinkedIn has introduced Career Milestones to help users keep track of the important dates and cultivate an all-in-one experience to curate all job changes, birthdays, and work anniversaries in one place. This feature will allow reconnecting and celebrating their connections through these milestones.

Group Safety

LinkedIn has a reputation as a professional platform which has assisted users in finding jobs and companies to hire potential candidates. In this techno-savvy world where social media platforms are working as a boon, there are also safety hazards one should be aware of. Therefore to help organisers save time and streamline acceptance of potential group members, LinkedIn has launched criteria-based acceptance. It will also enable organisers to draft a personalised welcome note for new members on their first group visit.

Let us know your views on these updates.

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