Pinterest Launches In-App Purchase 

Are you a Shopify merchant? Or are you a user who wants to make purchases with ‘one click’ from Pinterest directly?

Pinterest has a noteworthy update for both!

Pinterest has decided to launch in-app purchases, which will help the merchants maximize their in-stream sales with a new streamlined conversion process that will make it faster and simpler for users to buy directly from the Pin listings.

How will in-app purchases work?

1. When a user wants to buy a product via its product Pin, they select the product, colour and size according to their demands and tap on the ‘Buy’ option.

2. Further, it will redirect users to Pinterest’s new ‘Hosted Checkout’ process via Shopify that will facilitate them with their order information within the app, rather than redirecting them back to a merchant website to make an actual purchase.

3. Then the last stage is final details like shipping and payment.

4. The merchants will see the hosted checkout section at the top of the shopping settings in the Shopify app. They can turn on the ‘Host Checkout’ option and enable users to purchase directly in the app.

 Benefits of in-app purchases

1. In-app purchases will considerably cut down on the amount of friction in the Pinterest shopping process. It will make it ‘one click’ easier than redirecting you back and forth to the merchant’s website.

2. It’s handy when you find your desired item.

3. It will assist users with interruption-free app sessions.

4. It simplifies shopping options for users.

5. This new update will also let product pins boost organic distribution in places like the Pinterest search, home feed and shopping surfaces.

6. Implementing the latest shopping tools will help Pinterest merchants to get more exposure.

‘Hosted Checkout’ is currently just limited to US merchants. If it is available in your region, use it and let us know your reviews!

Some of the information in this article is sourced from SocialMediaToday.

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