Tired of tweeting long threads on Twitter? Twitter just launched ‘Notes.’

Twitter is like a river flowing with breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, opinions, beliefs and notions. It never dries. It is always raining with someone’s ideas overlapping others, people supporting a new leader, expressing views on heartbreaking news or celebrating a win.

When you begin expressing how you feel, you don’t want to be interrupted, do you? Especially when you are talking about something important, you wouldn’t want the word limit to alter or distort the message you are trying to convey.

To cater to users who end up tweeting either long tweet threads or adding screenshots of text to their tweets, Twitter has launched a ‘Notes’ feature.

What will this new update do?

It will provide users with elements of a blog post. They can attach longer text elements, include header images, and insert images and links within the text.

Notes titles will have a limit of 100 characters, and the body can be up to 2500 words. So go writing!

Also, unlike tweets, users will be able to edit Notes. An ‘Edited’ label will be attached to the Note to indicate the change.

How to access Notes?

For Twitter users, after a Note is published, it will appear as a Twitter card which will link the user through the post.

Image: Twitter

Twitter has good news for non-Twitter users as well. Notes will also have unique URLs that people can navigate from outside the Twitter platform, facilitating broader sharing activity. However, the Notes currently will not lead to any algorithmic boost.

We have a mixed user reaction to this update. Some say, after using Twitter for years, they were used to its word limit and had found ways around it. Bloggers and writers are delighted with this update as they can now publish their content directly on Twitter without redirecting their audience via links to their blog posts.

Image: Twitter

We are eager to see how users make their way around Notes.

Let us know how you feel about the Notes feature via a long note expressing it all!

Some of the information in this article is sourced from SocialMediaToday.

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