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We are feeling FUNNY with LinkedIn, are you? 

LinkedIn began as a social networking platform for professionals to associate, connect, and enlarge their network. It thrived into a platform where people could freelance, seek jobs, and companies could end their search for preferable employees as LinkedIn got them covered! 

Businesses unfolded on LinkedIn, and experienced people in the industry and owners of successful or failed startups started sharing their stories. These insightful stories inspired other users, making them realize their potential to soar higher. We always feel a roller coaster of emotions when we read stories or experiences of other people, and we tend to appreciate their courage to share them via our reactions. Here comes the reaction emojis and the free will to express your feelings. 

LinkedIn Reactions

LinkedIn as a platform has been following a particularly unique set of emoji reactions on posts, unlike other platforms. People have been demanding a funny response on posts for a while now, and their demands are fulfilled! LinkedIn recently rolled out the funny reaction on posts, and people have welcomed it with aplomb. No more plain liking on humorous posts!

As stated earlier, a funny reaction to posts was a people’s demand. So, while surveying for response to the funny reaction update, we concluded with extreme opinions. Some of our users feel that it was a much-needed update because when a platform offers so much, why should we restrict it to being serious? We can always blow off some steam! Some feel that sarcasm is a more straightforward way to point out certain plagiarism that has plagued the platform. And some are neutral about the update. LinkedIn has been and continues to be a professional networking platform for some users, so this update doesn’t incline them towards being a good or a bad update. 

Let us know your reaction to the funny reaction update! 

Some of the information in this article is sourced from SocialMediaToday.

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