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LinkedIn Content Creators are going to love this new update!

Long routes are only good for long drives. Elongated processes to put up a post seems backbreaking. Since 2019, LinkedIn users who wanted to upload elaborate posts used the PDF attachment option, which generates individual frames for the information to be uploaded.

It’s finally less work for them, as LinkedIn recently started to introduce a new ‘carousel’ post option.

Screenshot of where to find LinkedIn Carousel

How will it work?

  1. You will see a ‘Carousel’ option on your home screen. Tap on that, and you will see a carousel post option.
  2. The carousel creation process will enable you to choose multiple still images and/or video clips to add to your post.
  3. It also allows you to add alt texts and rearrange the order of your uploads however you like before posting them to the app.

As said earlier, LinkedIn users had found a way around posting carousel posts using PDF files. This feature will reduce friction and make the process smoother and posts more appealing to users.

So, happy carousel-ing users!

Some of the information in this article is from SocialMediaToday.

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